Johnny Zostant

Johnny Zostant is a 13 year old guitarist, singer & songwriter based in Charlotte NC.

His unique style and sound is a fusion of blues, rock, hard rock & metal, and just straight up rock-n-roll! Johnny uses the MEDEA RedCat distortion pedal to create his unique tone which is instantly recognizable thanks to the incredible range and versatility of the Red Cat's!


Johnny also does studio/session work and he uses the RedCat to customize his tone based on the preference of the artist/band/producer he is recording for, thanks to its built in EQ and the ability to save up 10 different pedal settings. He has been playing and performing for about 5 years now all over the U.S. in all types and size venues from NYC to L.A, including places like the world famous “Whisky A Go-Go” on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and has shared the stage with, and continues opening shows with his powerful original music for many touring bands like:

Saliva, TRAPT, Wayland, Prowess, Silvertung just to name a few !

Johnny is currently playing extensively around the U.S and is gearing up for a summer tour, all while working on a new album with a planned release later this year. With such a busy and varied schedule of performing live, working for various artists of various styles in the studio and creating his own new original music, one thing for sure, the MEDEA RedCat is versatile, strong and reliable enough to handle it all!

Look for Johnny Zostant and his MEDEA RedCat at a show near you !